Fitness is ...



Increase strength, cardio, balance, agility, coordination and flexibility with simple dynamic exercises using your body weight as resistance. 


Calisthenics are simple and effective. Climb the ladder, one rung at a time.


It won't hurt to throw a punch, once in a while. Boxing on a regular basis conditions the entire body by combining  high-intensity movements.  

Boxing provides a full body workout requiring little equipment and space whilst burning more calories quicker. 

Old School

Flip the script on conventional methods and maximize your body's full range of motion potential. Take tire flipping for one.

Functional exercise  incorporates fast twitch muscle fibers & synergists, push & pull mechanics and power & muscular endurance while requiring full-on focus & form.



Mode is the type of exercise you’ll engage in.

Stealth 2.018 enables various forms of  strength training when combined  will effectively work multiple muscle groups.


Intensity is the relative physiologic difficulty to execute an exercise mode.

You will reap what you sow or you will achieve results according to your input. Our training programs aim to maximize the potential for anybody.


Duration works inversely with intensity.


For deconditioned individuals, it’s important to ease into any mode of exercise and rest at regular intervals during the build-up stages. 



Figure out the weaknesses in your body mechanics ...


... then throw in some unorthodox training methods ...


... and become a master at controlling your body weight!

FIT is where we Feel In Tune

In the state of fit, you'll experience your energy to be channeled most efficiently, yielding maximum effects. It's a point which differs for everyone as it’s based on individual goals, needs, potential and capacity.

We believe in strong fitness foundations, where simplicity provides the key to a fitter body. We stand by basic health truths, based on knowledge, experience and proven progression and apply the fitness blur between scientific fact and fictional fads into core solutions.


The fit spectrum is wide, varied, complex and personal but the results are well worth the invested time and efforts.