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FUNctional Fitness Facilities

Minimal occupancy, maximum productivity

Stealth gyms creates, builds and delivers versatile fitness containers for organizations, communities and clubs with ancillary exercise coaching, guidance and programs. We offer “out-of-the-box” exercise for individuals or groups with varying backgrounds and goals. Our facilities provide the right setting for team building, networking and de-stressing while improving general health and athletic performance. 

The exercise landscape has been inundated over the last few years by a wave of physiologically challenging sports and forms of movement that have changed both the possibilities for the individual and the logistical and supporting challenges for providers and organizers. Where yesteryear’s local gym has been usurped by yesterday’s fitness franchise, we provide the launching pad for tomorrow’s exercise trend and fad. 

Mainstream sports facilities can take too long to accommodate both the supply and demand, we can swiftly pop up and set up shop. Our containers are managed by seasoned and forward-thinking instructors and can bridge the time and cost gap for niche initiatives or serve a durable purpose for the long haul. 

Fitness initiation and participation rates have risen significantly in the social media era. And with plenty of outlets springing up to cater to the burgeoning demand, we’ve noticed that the emphasis on quality is often lost in the fitness frenzy. 

With over 30 years of personal experience in competitive sports and functional fitness on both sides of the  Atlantic, we’re  confident that the  features of our start-up module will yield  optimum outputs to match the efforts  participants are willing to put in. 

Add to this the positive impact regular exercise conducted in a socially inviting and easily accessible setting has on mind, body and spirit. Our containers are designed to offer a wide range of exercises in both the closed and open layouts for beginners to advanced athletes. 


Stealth containers come standard with multi-functional equipment, which can be customized to preference. We offer both purchase and rental options that are determined and communicated 

upon request (click below). 

During the set-up and start-up phases, instruction and coaching is provided pertaining to the use of the specific containers and equipment, while an online exercise manual is created. 

Moving Forward

Stealth 1.0 @ PXL

Last summer, Stealth gyms kicked off the 1.0 version of the functional fitness container concept at the PXL campus in Hasselt. From this start-up experiment we learned a lot, which led to ... 

Stealth 2.018

Compact containers equipped with more versatile to accommodate a wider range of forms of movement. In other words, more exercise with less space.

From strength training, calisthenics & plyometrics to (kick)boxing & obstacle training, our standard container configuration ticks all the boxes:

✅Strength ✅Endurance ✅Power 

✅Speed ✅ Agility ✅Flexibility

Teamwork ~ 1+1= 3.0

Stealth gyms makes it possible, in these high-tech times, to effectively accomplish your good intentions by providing customized hardware (containers) and software (trainers) with minimal logistical requirements.

We also offer coaching that is complementary to the container and environment.



Stealth gyms containers allow for all-inclusive participation, from young to old and fit to flat. 

Equipped to give every body type the opportunity to gain strength and build endurance throughout all of the human body’s planes. 


While the traditional gym still offers many pros, we've thrown steel into the mix by complementing and supplementing the traditional brick and mortar set-up with a contemporary mobile twist: exercise delivered at your front door ... or at least at your local square. 

The "I do not have time to work out" cop-out will no longer be a good excuse ... 


Our robust, compact and versatile set-up requires less than 100m2 and can accommodate dozens of athletes at the same time. 

We have our own trucks to deliver the containers and to move them if required.